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An Ode to Motherhood: The Greatest Joy

I already told y’all I had no idea what I was doing when they gave me a baby! But once I got the hang of it I was like…OKAY THEN!!!

We have so much fun together. I didn’t think parenting could be fun but I don’t care what anyone says it is truly my most fun job. Even on the days when I have to be tough and discipline them it’s still fun because honestly I never imagined being anybody’s mama.

We dance, sing, craft, and straight clown most days. They are my most favorite human beings in the world and I hope they know it. Today I show them love for making me a mommy!

I always thought I wanted a son but God blessed me with 3 girls! God knew way better than me what I NEEDED! These girls give me life. They are my everything…My Greatest Joy! My biggest accomplishment. My biggest mirror because they are truly a reflection of me even in their worst moments. I never knew a love like this could exist but I am so grateful to be able to say I’ve experienced it.

The word says “But the greatest of these is LOVE”!! These girls changed my whole world for the better. I am so grateful to be their Mom! Everyday hasn’t been easy but it has certainly been worth it. They have each taught me something different about myself. The power of Love, patience, and joy! 💗💗💗 Everyday with Zahra, Kai, and Laila is Mother’s Day for me!

On top of that I’m even more blessed to be a bonus Mom to my daughters Annysia and Amber and my students turned daughters Ti’Asia and Keiyani.

So to every Mother out there today…Keep doing your best. Keep being there for your kids and keep showing them genuine love and affection. They see it and they will appreciate it. And to my Mom, Genevia, thank you for being my greatest example of Motherhood! You are the quintessential Mother!

~Her children rise up and call her blessed and blessed I most certainly am!

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