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A Love Supreme…

I don't know if you've noticed by now but in case you haven't we LOVE FEBRUARY! Love is kinda our thing over here at ! February is one of my top two months, after August of course!'s my half birthday month, it has Valentine's Day (which is my half birthday), and it’s Black History Month! So it’s all love over here.

This is the month where you get to show love to your friends, your family, your colleagues and especially your lover exactly how much you adore them. February is an opportunity for us to really show how we love love and how much we love us.

I think of it like this...imagine being able to create your favorite pizza (because I'm a foodie) with all your favorite toppings and know that every single time it’s gonna come out perfect that’s what I like to call a love supreme that’s the kind of love I want to talk to you about today.

Here’s the thing about that kind of love, it doesn’t come easy. It takes work just like your favorite pizza. It almost never comes out perfect the first time. it takes tweaking and adjusting the amounts of everything for it to be just right. You don’t quite know what toppings you want on it at first. You have to decide what your faves are, whether or not you like anchovies, mushrooms, or even pineapples on your pizza. You even had to deal with whether something someone told you about that certain kind of pizza wasn’t good for you or wasn’t gonna taste good. Ultimately you have to determine and decide whether it’s the best thing for you and guess what happens trial and error. It takes time to craft the perfect pizza for you. The same way it takes time to craft and discover LOVE SUPREME!

Here’s the problem though so many times we want the supreme experience without the prep or the work that goes into creating a love supreme. It’s like being the person who wants to have the six pack but never wants to do an ab exercise or being the person who wants to say they ran a marathon but never practices for it. You got a put in the work guys love don’t come easy.

And while I know that the love that I have is not perfect it’s certainly perfect for me because it’s a love that I’ve crafted from scratch. It has taken years to develop the perfect recipe for what makes us happy so we can do us and quite frankly for me it is a love supreme.

So do you wanna know what makes it a love supreme? Well it’s the's the ingredients... it’s really everything, but I’ll break it down and be more specific. It’s knowing that no matter what this person, this love has your back good, bad, or different. It’s knowing that at the end of the day this is your person. This is someone you can lean on. This is someone that you can depend on when you feel like you can’t do that with anybody else in the world. It's being able to be that for them too. It's the feeling that you get when you daydream about being with them after being with them for what already feels like a forever. It's knowing that no matter what someone outside your union may say, think, or do to try and taint that image, that there is nothing that can truly destroy what you have because it's bigger and deeper than what they can see or understand.

It's the sex, but it's even bigger than the sex. It's the connection! So yeah that’s what a love supreme is for me.

I’m not saying that you won't have to experience some hardships or growing pains. Nor am I saying that there won't be a time where you felt like you had to wait forever for this to happen. But I will say is that this love doesn’t come out of nowhere or that it is it something that just happens overnight it takes time, it takes maturity, it takes a willingness to grow together. But I think the biggest requirement of crafting a love supreme is defining what that looks like for you and making sure that you don’t follow anybody else’s rules or guidelines to what the perfect love looks like. You have to be willing to say I’ll go against all of the societal norms or all of what I’ve been taught about what love should be or what love should look like to create a love that works for me. You have to craft it the same way you would craft your own version of the perfect pizza! And with anything great, it takes time, energy, and intention!

I hope you find your love supreme! In the meantime come and check out me and Mon today at 5pm EST for our IG live session!



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