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When Faith Meets Fierce, Meet Ameka Coleman CEO of Strands of Faith

When faith meets fierce you end up with a force like the force that is Ameka Coleman! As a businesswoman, it can be extremely difficult to balance your faith life and your business, but this Dope Black entrepreneur makes merging the two look so easy.

Meet Ameka Coleman, founder and CEO of Strands of Faith, a faith based hair care brand. Ameka, a native of Jackson, Mississippi and fellow Mississippi State University Alumni (Hail State) is a proud wife, devoted mother, and hands on creator of a hair care line that proudly promotes length retention and moisturization for dry hair types. If you are a 4C girl like me, then you know how hard it can be to find products that not only hydrate and moisturize, but also promote length retention without making your hair feel gunky and oversaturated with product.

When I tell you I love myself some Strands of Faith, I literally STAN for these products and their creator. When I decided to start growing my hair out it was because I watched Ameka style her beautiful crown of 4C kinky hair and she honestly made it look so easy and effortless. More than that, I enjoy watching her as she transparently and openly shares the journey of her growing and evolving brand.

If you would have told Ameka 5 years ago that she would start a hair care brand, own a company, and be the face of it all, she would have laughed. But as we chatted in our interview, we only found it laughable to think about the limitations that we place on what God has clearly ordained.

Ameka started her journey as a natural hair enthusiast and began mixing her products in her kitchen before moving out into her Faith Shed and eventually into what is now known as the "Faith House."

One of the many things that I love about the quality of the Strands of Faith brand is that they are created in small batches made non-toxic and free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, and paraffins AND they contain no coconut oil!

As a mom of a child with severe allergies, knowing that I could pronounce all of the ingredients is really what drew me in and the overall quality of the products is what makes me purchase time and time again.

There's one more major bonus about the products and benefits of becoming a member of the #FaithTribe... with every single order you receive something truly amazing...a mustard seed! A mustard seed y'all! A simple, yet extremely thoughtful gesture that reminds you that you only need to have faith the size of a mustard seed to move the mountains in your life.

Check out Ameka and her beautiful daughter showing off their healthy crowns! The shrinkage is real y'all! Yassssss!

Earlier this year, Ameka and Strands of Faith were featured on as one of the "40 Founders Of Black-Owned Hair Care Brands You Should Know About!”

Ameka encourages her 27k+ IG and Facebook followers daily to see her faith walk as a reminder to that no matter how saturated an area may seem or no matter how much noise may be in the space, just know that if God brings you to it then He will bring you through it! Go after your dreams, goals, visions, and desires unapologetically and then stretch them all! Allow your faith and work to lead you and you can do ANYTHING that you believe you can do!

Check out our interview below and hear firsthand how Ameka stepped out on faith after receiving a vision from God, and truly how amazing it can be to walk in faith!

Check out Ameka's podcast Facts, Faith, and Feelings to hear even more faith based encouragement. Listen on iTunes:

Oh and don't forget yourself some Strands of Faith! The "Living My Blessed Life" Box 3rd Edition is available but I am certain it will be sold out soon! Trust me, these products do not disappoint! Use the coupon code: Blessed for a discount on your purchase!

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