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The Word is Intentional!

I try to focus each month on a word that I believe can help improve my life. This month’s word is intentional. I chose it after having a conversation with my amazing Line Sisters during our 18th Deltaversary celebration.

Say it with me...INTENTIONAL!!!

in·ten·tion·al /inˈten(t)SH(ə)n(ə)l/ Learn to pronounce

adjective adjective: intentional

  1. done on purpose; deliberate. "intentional wrongdoing and harm"

I want to be purposeful and deliberate in my interactions and I know that this type of thinking requires thought. I want to make sure that each day I am pouring into myself rather than only emptying my cup.

I plan to be intentional about balance and deliberate about my mental health and wellness. I want to be intentional about not overexerting myself and using up all of my bandwidth without being restored. I will be intentional about rest in the same way that I am intentional about work.

I realize that I have a lot going on with the hubby and kids, work, blogging, interviewing, and doing freelance brand marketing. But I can not forget that I am a whole person that requires rest and relaxation just as much as I need the thrill of being on the go. So being intentional about my time, my energy, and most importantly my peace is essential!

What do you want or need to be intentional about?

It’s the peace for me!!



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