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The Power of Girlfriend Love

Our girlfriends are the ones who see us through life. Yes, you have your parents and you will possibly have your spouse and/or children at some point. But it’s those real girlfriends for me that show love in such a way that you are able to grow and go through the various seasons of life.

Girlfriend love is a different kind of love. It’s powerful. It’s honest. It has so much power. It’s ever evolving and downright MAGICAL. Girlfriend love starts out with you talking and possibly even spending days on end together. You are able to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. You build a solid foundation and likely guide one another through some crazy relationship ups and downs.

But then life happens and you don’t get to see each other everyday or maybe even talk everyday but the love hasn’t changed.

That’s the sucky part about adulting. All of the fun things you did in your youth become back burner focuses. You have to become more intentional and strategic about nurturing your friend relationships. You never stop needing time with your girlfriends. That’s why girls trip and sisterhood retreats and brunches are essential to us.

So take some time today to show your girlfriends some love and remind then that they are valued and appreciated!

To all of my Dope AF girlfriends…I love you and I’m cheering for you!



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