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Spring has sprung and now it’s time to blossom…

I took some time off to enjoy spring break. During what felt like the shortest week ever, I really enjoyed not going to work, waking up late, and binge watching tv. It’s rare that I get a chance to just unplug and do nothing. I needed it…BAD!! So I did just that. I laughed with husband and kids. Loved on my Mama and youngest nephew and really had time to sit and incubate.

The last shedding of winter took place for me. There’s something about coming out of winter that feels lighter. Even if you live in a place like South Florida that supposedly has summer every day. Winter for me is a state of being. There are some things that you carried and/or held on to for comfort or warmth that you finally get to shed in spring. It could be a toxic relationship that was overdue for a shearing or a self-destructive behavior that wasn’t helping you yield good fruit. Whatever the case may be, you are now prepped and ready to bloom.

Don’t let things that only truly served a purpose in the dead of winter carry over into spring. It’s pruning and sprucing season. Identify the weeds that have the potential to overstep their boundaries and remove them. Spend this adjustment time focusing on how to beautify your own garden.

Don’t like where you are? Don’t be afraid to uproot and replant somewhere else. You are not a deeply rooted tree that requires heavy machinery to trudge you up to move. You can make changes and adjustments way easier than you think. Prepare yourself for a season of blooming because it’s time out for being in a dead zone.

Happy Monday! I pray this day blooms in your favor! You’ve got this!



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