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September feels like…

So last month I kicked off August with so much excitement. Mon and I were ready to celebrate our birthdays, moves were happening, and school was starting for the kids. The stage was set for something amazing to happen and it did.

Life happened as it literally always does. It just didn't happen like we thought it would. School started, kids got sick, Covid infiltrated my home and I completely missed my birthday (oh don't worry I'm celebrating every month), Mon made it to Germany and started the transitioning process which had a much deeper emotional impact than she'd planned, and August felt like the longest month ever! I honestly began to look forward to it closing out!

Now here we are at September!

Fall is near and September is giving me cozy, affirming energy and I receive it. August was rocky and rough like a roller coaster. I’m positioning myself to receive all of the softness that fall brings! Let me go grab and fall inspired candle and set the tone because I refuse to get out of sync as we prep to shed all of summer’s wild and loud energy and welcome the whispers of autumn.

As we countdown to fall what are you looking forward to most?

I can’t wait to see my girls experience fall with leaves changing and cozy sweater weather.



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