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Self-Care: The Most Important Care Of Them All

Real quick.

I know I don't normally post on Sunday, but yall guess what?!? I took a nap!!

Ok, Ok, it's nothing big to most people, but for me, this is huge, because I never nap. There is always a to-do list. Something that needs to be done. Typically I push through, well past my limit, until I implode and then explode from exhaustion. It also shows up physically in some form. Today was fatigue headaches.

So, I listened to my body, put my "list" down, and took a nap.

Your physical body knows what it needs. Your emotional body knows what it needs. We just have to stop overriding it with everything our mental body tells us we have to do. So whatever self-care is for you, be it listening to music, Netflix and Chill, or a decadent bath soak and candle (did that too😍), go for it!!! And if there are things that must be done, pencil this time in. Even if you got a phat ass, try not to do things half-ass. Recharge, and don't feel bad about!

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