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Self Care Sunday: Dealing with Triggers

So I’m learning how to deal with the things that trigger me. And when I say I’m learning I mean I am at the beginning stages of this learning process. For now, when I am triggered I try my best to quiet the dialogue in my head enough to ask this important question “why is this triggering you?”

I really have to think back on some things but the amount of clarity that I have found through asking myself this question has been liberating.

Almost everything that triggers me goes back to something that happened to me as a child or as a teenager. Man that inner child work is something serious.

Please note: this work comes with continuous support from my therapist. Some triggers I can handle while others need a more guided and gentle approach. Right I’m in between therapists so I’m having to do this work using only the tools I’ve been given.

At any rate, understanding that the way I feel holds merit and comes from a genuine place is so important. My emotions used to be all over the place because I wasn’t sure how to manage them when I was triggered. I would either explode or implode when triggered. Now I’m learning to process it and gain understanding behind my triggers.

This is the biggest little step for me because it is the first step on the journey to being fully self aware and capable of self healing. For now I have to sit with these emotions and decide what to do with them. Whew chile...let me keep processing.

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