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Restoring the Tribe: "I am your sister, not your competition!"

Hey Sis! Let's talk! I have something that has really been pressing in my spirit.

Let me start by saying something that should be pretty evident by now...First, I love all things Black and second, I love all things Woman/femme. My love for Black women was born out of watching the way my Mom, aunts, grandmother, Black female teachers and community members operated and made magic happen out of what sometimes felt like zero means. These women didn't seem to compete or be at odds with one another. They worked together to ensure that the needs of their families and communities were met. We have to restore our natural tribal senses and simply support one another. Support is easy. It can look like sharing a post, liking an image, purchasing an item, giving a compliment, or simply being a cheerleader. As Black women, we should be each others’ biggest fans. It doesn’t hurt to tell someone else they are doing a great job. As Black women we have to gas each other up because the world is not going to do it for us. We are not in competition! Even those of us who are in the same field or have the same type

of businesses. There is truly enough room at the top for all of us.

I am your sister, not your competition!

If a thought enters your mind that is negative about your sister, question your own intentions. Self evaluate and truly analyze why you feel the way that you do. I promise after some reflection you’ll realize that the problem you perceived is likely non-existent. If after analyzing you find that there IS an actual problem, then reach out to your sister and seek resolution. Most of the time people don’t know that they have offended you or hurt your feelings until you tell them. If you seek resolution and the relationship isn’t restored that’s ok too. You’ve done your part! We have to work harder to restore our tribe! Our children, families, and communities stand to benefit greatly when we do. The journey of being a Black woman is a joy, imagine how much more joy you can experience if you know you have a tribe of sisters to share the ups and the downs with.

Are you interested in joining a tribe of Dope Black Women? Comment below and let’s connect.

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