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Reflection on a thousand…

I know you all are likely wondering why I have been so quiet. I have literally been in reflection all of December. My mind has raced with ideas and wonderings. I have been watching the girls learn and grow and while I am extremely proud of them a wave of sadness drifted over me as I recognized that time is passing quickly and my babies are growing up right before my eyes. I recognized that I can’t spend my energy on anything other than what truly serves a positive purpose in all of our lives. I have used this time to really lean into my family…my husband and my children.

To calm my racing thoughts and anxiousness, I have focused my energy on making memories with my family. I have enjoyed literally every moment spent. I recognize my babies won’t be babies forever and instead of dwelling on how that thought makes me sad, I have become hyper focused on ensuring that our time is filled with love and laughter. This is a season of making memories, raising strong and confident children, and cultivating positive relationships. I am truly enjoying every thing about it. The random nerf wars, foot races, days at the park, cookie baking, and outings with our extended and blended families.

I don’t have a clue why this feeling hit so hard and heavy. It could be the continuous news of unexpected death and sickness for the past two years weighing down or maybe its just a nudge from the creator to be more intentional with the time that we have together. I want to make the time count. I realize that a large part of my self care is being able to show love to my family.

I hope that you are making every minute count with your friends and family.



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