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Monday Mantra: Nothing will shake my peace!

I subscribe to Black Females Therapists text alerts and they are always spot on. Today’s message captured my exact sentiment for this Monday!

As I enter a new week, I will be intentional about my peace and clear about my boundaries. I will no longer make excuses for toxic behaviors from myself or others. I will no longer burn myself out trying to prove my worth. I will not be absent from myself to be present for someone else. Each day I am growing into the new me while simultaneously outgrowing the old me. Nothing will shake my peace.❤️

Today, had my Dad been alive he would’ve 86 years old! I miss him daily. He died when I was 9 and I only have a few faded memories of him. It hurts most days thinking about that. I have always felt an emptiness where it related to all things paternal. It is why I cherish the relationships with the men who helped raised me (my brothers Maurice and Carlton, my uncles Charles, Chester, and Kelly). It is also why I hold my friendships in such high regard. If you are a guy friend of mine it means something. It is also why I work hard to ensure that my daughters no their fathers. And while I can not make one of them do right, my husband and Kai’s dad make up for that in such a dynamic way. Whew, I wasn’t expecting to even go there but y’all know I write from the heart!

A part of my peace has come from understanding and accepting the things I can not change. I am freed from the stressors of worrying about things that are beyond my

control and I focus on controlling my emotional response because it is the only thing I can control.

I pray that today you find peace in everything, but especially in the things that you can not control!



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