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Meet the Hair Diva: Rokeise "Keisey" Lynch CEO of Diva Styles Elegant Hair Care

Some women are just born with it and others have to work to get it, but what happens when you meet someone who was born with and worked hard to make it even better. You encounter a go getter that is powered by determination and you end up with the DIVA that is Rokeise Lynch. Born and raised in Belle Glade, Florida, Rokeise is a natural born Diva with a talent for helping others discover their diva! When I first started out on my natural hair journey and began wearing braids and protective styles, I lucked up on the DIVA of all DIVAS Rokeise "Keisey" Lynch. She is the CEO/Owner of Diva Styles Elegant Hair Care and a stylist.

In her own words, "Diva Styles is a home to those with fierce attitudes and overbooked schedules, but like to look classy at all times. Diva Styles specializes in lace closures, sew-ins, bond-ins, cuts, colors, and wigs for those who wear them for convenience and/or suffer from hair loss. Diva Styles is dedication to takin into consideration your everyday Diva and supporting it with quick and easy quality styles that will hold throughout your long and tedious day."

I first began noticing the different weave installs and wigs that she would do and showcase on her Facebook page. Then, I began to see her wig work. I have never worn a wig in my life, but I was determined to order one. She promoted a wig deal and I said yep, it's time to step outside of your box. Again, I have never worn a wig so I literally had no idea what I was in for. I messaged her and she was sooooo extremely kind, thoughtful, and professional. I know I asked a thousand questions and she never seemed to get tired of me. Just professional from all angles. It is easy to shop with folks who make you feel good spending your money with them. I saw that she had a website with hair accessories and I began purchasing. I purchased a few items and instantly fell in love with two things: 1) the quality of the product and 2) the amazing customer service. I felt like I had my purchases in no time. I tell people all of the time that the product will bring you in but the customer service will bring you back! I needed to get to know the Diva behind Diva Styles Elegant Hair Care and learn what motivated her to make her splash on the beauty scene.

I enjoyed chatting with her. Check out our interview and learn the tenacious journey that has sculpted a true Diva in Rokeise Lynch.

Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram

"There's no style like DIVA STYLE!" -Rokeise Lynch
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