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Meet Tammy Jackson-Moore Servant Leader and True Guardian to the Glades

When I hear the phrase "Servant Leadership" there are a few organizations and people that immediately come to mind. Tammy Jackson-Moore is one of those people. Tammy Jackson-Moore was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida but now resides in Belle Glade. She grew up knowing and seeing that you are called to serve your community and she works hard to be a community connector and convener. She is a very active member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated and the CEO of both The Jackson-Moore Group (consulting firm) and Guardians of the Glades (non profit).

The Jackson-Moore Group is a consulting firm that specializes in assisting underserved populations by providing economic development, community organizing, and community engagement consulting services. Tammy started the Jackson-Moore Group because she wanted to assist groups, organizations and the entire community in reaching its next level of success. The Jackson-Moore Group mission is "to be a premier consulting agency that assists hard to engage, encourage and empower communities to grow, thereby becoming communities that thrive and provide opportunities for all that call the community home." The Jackson-Moore Group prides itself on its work, effectiveness and successes in predominantly underserved communities. Services are catered to meet the needs of the organization and/or community and Tammy works hard each day to ensure that this happens.

Guardians of the Glades is a non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of residents, businesses and communities in the Glades. Guardians of the Glades was founded and operates in the Glades - a predominately Black and African American community. The mission of Guardians of the Glades is to protect jobs, homes and lands in the Glades.

Tammy reminds us that "the Glades community is responsible for feeding the world so it is imperative that we protect the Glades and its residents!"

If there is work to be done, you will almost always find Tammy Jackson-Moore leading the charge. Her servant leadership and expertise in advocacy and brand marketing make her a standout among her peers. She is happy to answer to answer the call and welcomes the challenges that come along with being a change agent.

Tammy is committed to Engaging, Encouraging, and Uplifting Women!

Check out my interview below to find out even more about this dynamic community leader and Dope Black Business woman:

Be sure to follow Tammy Jackson-Moore on all social media platforms FB- Jackson-Moore Tammy, The Jackson-Moore Group, Guardians of the Glades Twitter- @imtammy1; @gotglades LinkedIn- Tammy Jackson-Moore

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