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Meet Schelli Jones of NinabayandCo

NinabayandCo is a mother and daughter operated brand. Schelli Jones and her mom hand-craft bags and accessories. Schelli sews and her mom crochets so there is a variety and uniqueness in the offerings. When Schelli began her business as a hobby, she originally had the idea to give her mom something to do and potentially make extra cash as a retired grandma. Schelli set out on a personal journey to learn how to sew and the rest is literally history.

Schelli Jones was born and raised in East St. Louis. She is a wife, mother of three, and currently serves our country in the Air Force. The new San Antonio, TX, resident uses her spare time to handcraft some of the dopest bags and other hand sewn items for her Etsy Shop, as well as, maintain her garden.

NinaBay&Co has a mission to create unique, one-of-a-kind bags and accessories. Even though Schelli started her business prior to the pandemic beginning she learned some great things about her business in the midst of the pandemic.

According to Schelli, "I've learned that, my products are needed. I began making personalized bags for friends, then more and more people began to request them. Being able and ready to switch gears if and when the opportunity presents itself has been another lesson. Sometimes your initial vision for your company evolves and you can't be stuck in your original vision."

Schelli shows us that you can truly do it all when you create a schedule and have balance. She recently launched a new craft baby, RoseyPosey, that literally focuses on custom made baby items.

There is truly no limit to what Schelli and her mom Nina can create! Connect with them for all of your custom needs! Check out interview below to learn how and why Schelli took a chance on her self and birthed a DOPE brand in the process.

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