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Meet My "PictureBae"...Lomiekia Messam CEO and Founder of Dynamic Duo Photography

Have you ever met a soul so dope that you instantly knew you had a lifetime sister and friend? I know that rarely happens among women, but that was literally the vibe the moment I met the powerhouse of a woman that is Lomiekia "LO" Messam.

Born and raised in Belle Glade, Florida, Lomiekia is a wife to her Dope Black husband Pastor Steve, mother of a Dope Black Son Noah, a Dope daughter, Dope sister, and definitively a DOPE friend.

We met five years ago when my daughters started dance classes at a local dance studio in Belle Glade, Florida and I began teaching Hip Hop aerobics! Lo signed up for my class and we laughed and had an amazing time. We instantly hit it off. Little did I know that she was a talented photographer and her gifts and talents behind the camera would help manifest greatness in me and my girls.

Lo is the artist and photographer behind the lens of Dynamic Duo Photography, a photography company that aims to provide quality lifestyle portraits. However, she does so much more than simply take pictures! Lo captures her clients most beautiful essence and creates such a dope vibe whenever she shoots. You literally feel like a celebrity when you step in front of her camera and the images that she captures are truly breathtaking. We, the Glittergang and I, stepped in front of her lens for the first time in 2016 and have been mesmerized ever since. She is the artist behind some of our best family shots and was even featured on’s front page for her shot alongside our Dope DesignerBAE Soila Konchella of Konchellah.

Check out our interview below as we chop it up about when passion and purpose meet, how it feels to love what you do, and the meaning behind the name Dynamic Duo! This is a real life girl chat so take a moment to really enjoy the vibes.

Check her out on Instagram @DynamicDuoPhotography1906 and on Facebook @DynamicDuoPhotography1

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