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Meet Monica Odom: Black Girl Magic Personified

Have you ever met someone and wondered why it took so long for you all to become friends. Well, Monica Odom is that one! Like most of my friends, I met Monica while at Mississippi State University. She was friends with some of my high school classmates and we were able to hang out a time or two. Fast forward to after graduation and we became Facebook friends. You know there's something about being friends on Facebook for over a decade that really brings people together. I watched her get married, have kids, and move around the world as a military wife.

I watched someone, whom I'd met as a teenager, grow into a whole adult. Moving around the world doing grown up stuff. Like, how, when, where, did the time go?

I don't know about you but I am blown away daily by the fact that we are some for real grown up in these streets. I never imagined adulting in real life. Having kids, being married, and literally doing the things our parents did. But I digress. Back to why Monica is so Dope...

At any rate, over the years we have grown closer and have truly called on one another to share some lifechanging conversations. A few months back, I asked Monica if I could interview her for a feature on Dope Black Girls and she was like huh? For me it was really a no-brainer! This woman has helped me heal from some for real hurt from what feels like a million miles away! She is honest, raw, transparent, and vulnerable. She says what many of us would say if we were bold enough to unpack our real thoughts and feelings. She pushes back on tradition and is creating her own way in a space that often promotes conformity. I didn't push the issue initially because I knew when the time was right it would happen and when it did it would be magical!

Welp, here we are and she's even more DOPE than I ever could've imagined and now she's going to be sharing "A Minute With Mon" on the blog. When someone impresses you so much that you want to continue to share space with them on the regular it is kind of a big deal!

Check out our three part (yes, 3 whole parts) interview and see why I think she's so dope!

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