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Meet Dr. Erica Davis, Dope Black Pediatrician

So when I was a little girl, I was obsessed with everything about the young woman who was then known as, Erica Thomas! She was smart, beautiful, and the ideal student. I wanted so much to be like her when I became a middle and high schooler. Nearly three decades later I had the opportunity to chat with now Dr. Erica Davis and my girl crush was activated all over again. She is still just as smart and even more beautiful, but now she gets to add Dope Black Wife, Mother, and Doctor to her many accolades.

Born and raised in my hometown of Raymond, Mississippi, Dr. Erica Davis is now a Houston, Texas based Pediatrician. This playful, relaxed, and true country girl is the hip doc that will take a teen's self phone and go live on it if they have the nerve to be on social media when they should be listening to her directions. She focuses on providing an evidence based practice of medicine for all kids.

Dr. Davis recently joined the Tribal Council as a regular panelist for "A Tribe of Dope Black Women" which broadcasts live each Wednesday night on the iammichellerena Facebook page! (Be sure to follow and turn on the notifications so you don't miss out!)

There's not a lot that needs to be said about the hard work that she continues to do while working on the frontlines during a pandemic other than THANK YOU Dr. Davis! I was so excited to chat with her and truly catch up on old times.

Check out my interview with Dr. Erica Davis and hear firsthand about her journey to unlocking her own Black Girl Magic, her passion for pediatric medicine, navigating the learning curve, and learn why she believes it is critical for each of us to pave the way for other young women to unlock theirs.

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