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Meet Charcy Robinson Rogers, Wife, Mom, and Boss

I met Charcy "CC" Rogers over 20 years ago at Callaway High School. We both graduated early and started out on this journey called life very early. Charcy has always been a BOSS. Her work ethic has always been top notch. So imagine sitting down with her, some 20 years later, to realize all of the amazing things she is doing in addition to being a wife, mom, and PR specialist for the booming HamiltonDavis Mental Health, Inc. in Mississippi.

HamiltonDavis Mental Health, Inc is a new venture that is looking to transform the mental health care experience through a culture of caring, quality, safety, innovation, service and support excellence, and be recognized by employees, physicians, patients and the community as the best place to work, the best place to practice medicine; and the best place to receive mental health care. We are known as an excellent community citizen, embodying an organization of people working together to do the right thing every day to improve the mental health and well-being of those we serve.

Their mission is to make a difference in the lives of individuals with a mental illness and/or intellectual and developmental disability by becoming the provider of choice by exceeding the expectations of those we serve by providing exceptional, patient centered, evidence-based, mental health care. 

As a mental health and wellness advocate, I wholeheartedly believe that the work that is being done in Mississippi is setting the tone for an amazing shift. There are tools and resources being created to ensure people are being not only cared for but are also being given the necessary skills to care for themselves.

CC works alongside the powerduo Marie Hamilton-Abston and Essie Florence, whom she affectionately refers to as her "SHEroes" to form a trio that is taking Mississippi healthcare, advocacy, and awareness by storm. I had the pleasure of interviewing CC individually, but had to double back and chat with the whole team of Dope Black Women. Check out our time together and get to know more the CC Rogers and HamiltonDavis Mental Health, Inc.

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