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Meet Carlye C. Artis, Author and creator of 'flHERish'

I always talk about how I meet amazing people in the Amazoning with Anitra Facebook group and author and flHERish brand creator, Carlye Artis, is yet another amazing find.

I was scrolling through the group one day when I saw a post that she shared about a women's devotional that she penned. It was one of those days where I needed some guidance and her post was right on time. I headed over to Amazon to purchase the book and immediately reached out to her to ask if she would like to be featured and talk about it in an interview.

Carlye C. Artis is a published author, business owner, exceptional educator, intercessor and motivator. Carlye is a true Mississippi girl that now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. After having gone through her own season of living a life of languish(unpleasant place), Carlye vowed to never allow anyone connected to her to live that way. flHERish is dedicated to seeing HER flourish, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Developed the flHERish brand as a way to encourage women to no longer just live but to thrive and flourish. She wants us to make the most out of every day and take every encounter as a chance to learn and grow.

When we flHERish we no longer allow roles and responsibilities to control and consume us. -Carlye

"I went through a period in my life that I didn't recognize the person I had become. I was in a dark place and wanted out. I began working with a life coach and I began to breathe again! Through my sessions I began to journal, then blog and from it came a devotional for women" notes Carlye.

Carlye's "flHERish" brand aims to encourage women to examine their lives and determine what or who may be holding them back from truly living out the purpose and plan for their lives. Noting that women are the driving force of families and communities and if we aren't in a good place emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually we can not effectively serve in our roles. If we aren't good, no one is good.

Carlye is a picture of resilience and has developed an amazing devotional that reminds me daily to flHERish. Her devotional has become an important part of my self care routine and I can not wait to see what more is in store for her.

Be sure to follow her on Facebook and subscriber to her Blog Reach out to her via email

Check out our time together below and learn more about this truly amazing and DOPE Black woman!

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