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Meet Attorney Tameika Bennett, of Bennett Law Office, PLLC.

When honesty meets loyalty, you get a perfect combination of greatness. That is what you experience when you encounter Attorney Tameika Bennett and her boutique law firm, Bennett Law Office, PLLC.

Tameika Bennett is a native of Jackson, MS who was raised in Marietta, GA and now resides in Brandon, MS with her husband and three children. She is a proud Mississippi State University Alumni and earned her law degree from the University of Mississippi. Tameika has always had a passion for the truth and the law so becoming an attorney was the natural career choice.

Tameika started her law practice in 2009 during the economic collapse. She works primarily in family and criminal law which disproportionately impact minority communities. Her humble beginnings in law have allowed her to be able to practice law in many areas and learn quickly that her journey is one that is being orchestrated by someone much bigger than herself. Her boutique law office caters to everyday legal issues and focuses on ensuring that each and every client is well informed and properly represented.

Check out our interview where Tameika highlights her journey to becoming an attorney and how she has is learning to embrace the freedom of crafting her own lane.

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