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Meet Anitra Bender, CEO of AmazoningWithAnitra

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Anitra Bender then you know firsthand how amazing her spirit is. For those of you who haven't met her in person, trust me...the kind, humble, funny, caring, giving woman that you see online is the same woman that I have known for well over 20 years. The evolution of her love and kindness has only grown stronger over time. She gives without cause and seeks nothing in return.

Outside of being a couponing Queen and the greatest Amazon deal finder in the world, Anitra Bender is also a devoted wife and mother to her two Sams, an amazing daughter, a Delta Diva, an alumni J-Sette (I dare you to play "Get Ready" in her presence), a proud Lanier High School and Jackson State University graduate, a community leader, and volunteer. You can find her leading the collection of donated goods for distribution, collecting money to be given to families in need, or her newest venture hosting pop-up shops in the city of Jackson. Her plate is full but she never seems to run out of energy or become tired. She is a blessing to others and continues to be a blessing to her community. You can always find this diva smiling and capturing the memories and that is honestly one of my favorite characteristics! Her smile is contagious and her kindness is unheard of, but do not get it twisted, she has that Tabitha Brown "pray with me don't play with me vibe" on deck for if ever it is needed!

Anitra holds a very special place in my heart because she is the first person I ever wrote a letter for to become a member of our illustrious sorority. I affectionately refer to her as my "Spesh" but she is so much more than a sorority sister, she's a real friend, a prayer warrior, and now she is the CEO of her own brand Amazoning with Anitra, Inc!

Anitra created the Facebook Group "AmazoningWithAnitraInc" three years ago as a way to share Amazon deals with a few friends. That small group of friends has grown to become over 15,000 members worldwide that she calls her "Cousins." What started out as a way to share deals from Amazon has become a ministry of the sorts. You can just about find anything that you need among this private group. Search the announcements or make a prayer request and in minutes this network of 15k cousins work their magic. I get tickled thinking about a discussion I had with a friend a while ago where they were talking about this group on Facebook where they found all of these cool things. Before, I knew it I asked are you talking about "AmazoningWithAnitra"? We both laughed and realized how truly small the world is. In the past Anitra and her group have helped raised over $20,000 for Mother's Day and Christmas giveaways. Anitra believes in being fair and always searches for ways to help out her "cousins.' After realizing how many business owners are in the group she was given the idea by a friend to host a pop-up shop and three pop-up shop events later the rest is history!

While the Facebook group is currently private, Anitra does not keep what is happening and open to the public private at all. She freely shares these amazing deals with the public via her Facebook page where you are free to follow her!

Check out my interview below and learn a little more about the amazing woman behind it all!

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