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It’s World Mental Health Day and My 6th Wedding Anniversary…is there a correlation?

I can be honest because it’s what I do and tell you about how these days perfectly align but not without a backstory for how. October 10th has always been a special day for me. Long before I got married and even longer before I knew the power of my own mental health awareness. 10/10 was a thing for Michelle! For me 10/10 always represented balance and alignment. Even as a preteen I designated 10/10 as my personal holiday.

Little did I know what this day would manifest into. I knew I wanted to get married or have a wedding on this day, I make distinction between the two because we acknowledge our marriage on 6/19 but celebrate our wedding anniversary on 10/10!

During the times when our marriage was rocky I would wonder if making the conscious decision to share my personal holiday with my spouse was a smart one. Turns out it was a great move and each year proves why it’s important for me acknowledge the duality of this day for me. It is both an anniversary but it’s also a celebration of my own mental health awareness.

I am grateful for a spouse who has grown to truly love and appreciate all of my many quirks and the journey to arrive to this place. I’m even more excited to be exactly where I am in my mental health journey. I am grateful to have friends and accountability partners who ensure that I focus intentionally on my own mental health and this platform which allows me to share the process so transparently.

I hope this day brings you peace and comfort knowing that your mental health matters!

Here are few tips that helped me along the way:

  1. Therapy is CLUTCH!! Find yourself a therapist who identifies with you and your needs.

  2. Take time for yourself! (This was hard at first but I’m getting better every day!)

  3. Say ”NO!” It is the most powerful and liberating word in your vocabulary! Put it to use!

  4. Whatever it is that you think has to be done right now, can likely wait. Take the pressure off of yourself to get everything done ALL the time and take some time to just be.

  5. Set realistic goals for yourself and chip away at them. “Crushing it” is all relative! Remember that!

  6. Communicate your needs because that is the only way they can be met. Unspoken expectations lead to failure and resentment.

  7. Use 👏🏽Your 👏🏽Voice👏🏽!! No explanation needed!

  8. Show up and take up space for yourself!

  9. Remember that you can do hard things! When I’m feeling overwhelmed…This too shall pass!

  10. Meditation is essential…meditate on it, release it, and move forward!

I pray you find your peace!



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