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Hello December! I am so happy to see you!

When I woke up this morning, my first mind went straight to Bone Thugs and Harmony's "First of da month!" (Sometimes you have to channel your inner ratchet (inserts hand claps) and that's ok too!) I am so excited for this month to commence. As we wrap up 2020, which for many has been extremely trying, I am still extremely grateful! There has been great deal of death, heartache, and sorrow this year, but there has also been extreme bouts of joy, triumph, and victory. So, I am making an intentional choice to revel in the latter! I love that the Christmas season is the culminating season each year as it provides me personally with the extra boost of joy and victory that I need to help drive reflection over the year.

Some things I plan to enjoy over the next month to close out this year include, family time, holiday movies, gifting and giving, relaxation, organization, and planning. There is so much that I wanted to accomplish this year and while it did not happen like I planned it, God managed to exceed my expectations and tell me "Nah Michelle, dream bigger!" So as we prepare to closeout this year! I encourage to you to dream bigger! Live unapologetically in the moment and enjoy every breath that you take!

Here is your December Self Care Challenge! Do what you can and enjoy your December!

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