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Happy Lovers Day y’all!

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! I hope this day finds you loving yourself first and foremost. I hope that you have loved on yourself good fashion!

I talk a lot about the road to get to where we are now and the honesty with one another that it required. There’s not a flower or present that I could’ve received today that is greater than the freedom of peace and life we have created together. That’s the gift y’all!

In years prior I had the bags, the cologne, the flowers, etc and wasn’t happy. But today surpassed every other lover’s day we have ever had. Mission accomplished!

So to every person looking for love or waiting on love, just know that it comes in it’s own time, with it’s own requirement, and zero instructions on how to navigate. But you’ll figure it out if you are willing to work at it!!! Slow and steady!

Remember to run your race and do love your way!



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