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Happy Kwanzaa Day 6 Kuumba (Creativity)

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Kuumba: the commitment to being creative within the context of the national community vocation of restoring the people to their traditional greatness. On the sixth day of Kwanzaa, celebrated on December 31, observers honor the sixth principle which is Kuumba (creativity).

Creativity for me is something that I embrace daily. I foster it in my children and try to be a beacon of creative energy for those that I engage with. To understand the concept of building a community of creatives is to truly walk in our natural abilities to be innovative, intuitive, and foster the natural genius that lives within. I strive to leave my space and the spaces that I have been blessed to occupy even more beautiful than I found them. Always creating a pathway for the next generation to harvest their creativity and build for the next.

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