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Happy Juneteenth!

It’s been a minute. I’ve been resting and reflecting on a lot lately. My health took a strange turn 11 days ago that left me immobile and bedridden. During this time, I’ve learned a lot about our healthcare system but that’s a post for another day.

Anywhoo…every day my prayer has been to walk and be restored back to where I was before. But honestly I think that’s the problem. I’m in this state now because of where I was before. I was so bogged down with everything that was happening around me that I didn’t take into account what was happening TO me. The doctors say what is happening to me is a result of stress and anxiety overtaking my nervous system. Prolly…but 11 days? TF?

Anywho, I have been blessed to have an amazing husband (today is our marriage anniversary, so Happy Anniversary HusBAE) who has cared for me in ways that I wasn’t confident he could. My friends both near and far have been amazing. From calling, texting, to stopping by, and even flying in to lay eyes on me and make sure I’m ok. I’m grateful. I can’t move like I did 12 days ago and perhaps I’m not supposed to but I’m moving. Slow progress is still progress.

Which brings me to Juneteenth 2021…I have been acknowledging and celebrating Juneteenth for almost two decades. I chose to actually get married on this date because of it. It has always held meaning to me. I am excited that it is a federal holiday but I do recognize that there is so much more that could be done for the community of Black/descendants of Africans in America. We never needed federal permission to celebrate us. We know how to celebrate ourselves! But thanks! Slow progress is still progress is what I have to remind myself.

So as we celebrate Juneteenth today, let us not forget the work and advocacy that still must be done tomorrow and the days after.

Thank you to my ancestors for paving the way. Thank you for your strength and resilience. Thank you for teaching us how to work the land and how to sustain and even rise above in spaces where we are not welcome. Thank you for instilling in us worth and value. Thank you for the reawakening! I will continue to rest and heal from the traumas I have experienced as needed as this was a luxury you were not afforded. I am grateful for your imprint.



PS… I’m Back! I missed y’all! Go out and support a Black Business today!

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Missed you on here!! But rest because the world needs you well. To quote Lawanda Swan, 'Rest well to raise hell.' (I think I got that right. 🤣)

Jun 19, 2021
Replying to

I am here for it because I swear that’s what kids do too. Lol! Missed being here. Thank for continuing to cultivate this space! Love you!

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