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Grateful for the reset!

Remember how I wrote about the power of unconditional friendships well I got to enjoy some of that. This weekend I did something I never do. I took a solo trip to Dallas, TX and spent three days just doing Michelle! Other than facing the loneliness of extreme quiet when I was by myself at night, it was a truly amazing experience. It reminded me of the importance of the reset!

I flew from ATL to Dallas to surprise a dear friend for her 40th birthday! I set out a few days earlier to just take some time to unwind and preset the hard reset button for Michelle. I realized in my quiet solitude that I run myself ragged most days and never really take the time to reset. I needed this bad. Right up until I arrived at the airport stressed from life I felt like I might not make it to my destination for fear of something going wrong and my energy having to be redirected to ensure someone else's needs were met. But I have to say, this husband of mine came through CLUTCH! He said "I got this, don't worry...go enjoy yourself!" Whew...the release that came with that whole declaration! When I say I'm grateful, I truly am!

Sometimes we are too close to the sun to see it's beauty. So when we back away or fall into darkness we value the light of the sun so much more! The sun is shining even when we can't see it and that is my daily reminder to keep shining even if it's unseen or hidden away behind darkness.

If my voice is a little scratchy blame it on the amount of fun I had celebrating with some of my favorite unconditional friends! Listen, today I am grateful for the resets. Sometimes they look like rest and sometimes they look like your whole life being flipped upside down so you can start new. Either way, they serve a person. Here in the last few weeks I feel like I’ve experienced both the whirlwind and the wind and I’m grateful for both. They each serve a distinct purpose. While we are all getting ready to gear up for holidays, travel, time with family, etc…remember to take some time to reset so that you can be refreshed going into these situations. You only have the power to control you so do your best to be your best for yourself! Happy Monday!

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