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Grateful for Rituals

If you follow me on IG or FB, you know I like my gym time, my candles, my bath soaks, my oracle cards, my music, basically my "me" time with my "me" things. I try to dedicate the necessary time, but sometimes the hours get away from me. Then I saw this on IG, and it got me all the way together.

I have certain things mapped out in my day and week. From my gym time to my bath time, but long days or late nights turn into me telling myself that I'll take care of my needs later. Later almost always turns into waaaay later. For instance, I try to use my bath soaks at least once a week, yeah...that didn't happen last week. When I finally took a bath, I could feel the energy shift. It doesn't take much for me but I have to consistently do it to bring back my balance. Shortly after I saw the above IG post. I rush through everything because there is always something else to do next.

But I'm listening now. This week when my gym time ran over, I shifted my meditation to later in the morning, so I didn't feel hurried, because of the before school routine. Taking my time in the shower, because everyone in this house can fend for themselves for that small amount of time. Lighting my candles and listening to what I want to listen because everyone has their own streaming device if they don't like my choice. (Same goes for movies.)

I'm grateful for the rituals that I've built into my day because they allow me to tap in with Spirit and myself. From the body oils I use to the incense I burn, everything has a specific role to play in how I show up for both myself and those around me. When I'm frazzled, I'm irritable. And when I'm irritable, I'm not the best Monica in any situation. But when I move with intention and feel the love and care that I have for myself and God has for me, that's when I find the calm I need for the million other things that I have on my plate.

Once you find things that center you, center them. Don't rush. The rest of the to do list will be there.

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