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Day 30 of Gratitude -- God

Whew...I made it! I am so excited to close out my 30 days of gratitude challenge with what I am most grateful for...God!

God is within her...she will not fail-- Psalms 46:5

There is so much power in this verse. My gratitude in reference to God is something that is hard to put into words. I know that for some the belief in God is ridiculous, but for me there is no way that I could operate without acknowledging that there is something/somebody bigger than myself that is responsible for our creation.

I am grateful for being kept all these years. There is much that I have overcome as a result of my own personal relationship with God. I realized on my journey that my focus is love. I try to spend my energy loving those around me and ensuring that I love myself first. The thing I am most grateful is the one thing that keeps me humbled and grounded. I am committed to following the greatest commandment which is that "I love my neighbor as I love myself" and I finally love me so there is much love to be given to the rest of the world!

What are you grateful for today?



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