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Day 29 of Gratitude -- My HusBAE

It is day 29 of my 30 days of gratitude challenge and it has been just that...a challenge! Not that I am ungrateful, but to narrow it down to only 30 things has been tough. I am grateful for this challenge as it has brought about even more gratitude for the seemingly small things. Nevertheless, today I am grateful for my HusBAE.

I can honestly say that my husband is my best friend. He knows more about me than anyone else in the world. We have been through some major ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade him or the life we are building together for anything in the world. He is not perfect and neither am I. He is truly the most human person I know. I have never had anyone work so hard to meet my needs and work to understand me in the most intimate way. This man KNOWS me knows me.

When we met 16 years ago, he told me he was gonna marry me and I was very dismissive. I told him that I am a piece of work and it would not be easy. (Sidebar: I was fresh off of an engagement that didn't end well.) I think that intrigued him more than anything. Nevertheless, he persisted. We are friends first and I think that's what has allowed us to sustain. When your friends do something you don't like you don't divorce them, you let them know and you both work at being better friends to each other. That's the key honestly. We had to work to be better friends which helped us to be better lovers.

I am grateful for the provider, protector, and father that he is too the Glittergang. I am grateful for the comedian, doctor, counsel, and husband that he is to me. He is my person and I am his. We are far from perfect but we have figured out how to make our marriage work for US and OUR family. I will give you a hint as to what we did...we make our own rules and honor them. We do not define ourselves by what others think marriage, let alone OUR marriage, should be. WE DO US! I am grateful for the space that he has created that encourages me to be free, honest, transparent, and creative in a variety of ways. I am grateful that he has taken time to learn and understand my love languages, as well as, teach me how to honor his. I am grateful for his growth as a man first and as a husband and father next. I am grateful that he is willing to never stop learning how to love me or how to be a better person altogether. If I had to start over and choose who to do life with, I would choose him a thousand times more. So here's to my best friend, the one who will let me talk him into trying pretty much anything at least once, the one that I trust with my whole husBAE! I love you and I am beyond grateful for you!

What are you grateful for today?



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