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Day 28 of Gratitude— Love

ppy Sunday y’all!! It’s day 28 of my 30 days of gratitude challenge and today I am grateful for LOVE!!

Growing up I thought that love was this fairy

tale Brandy as Cinderella type feeling and experience. I thought love was this magical thing and it is but not like what I thought. Love is definitely a powerful emotion and action.

For me, my understanding of love came after I began to understand that I can choose to embody love. When I learned that I couldn’t truly understand love until I began to love myself then I was able to fully embrace love. Love is not this whirlwind, sweep you off your feet thing. That does happen but that’s not what love is most of the time.

Love is definitely a verb because it is something you do. It’s also an adjective because you can use it to describe something, or a feeling, or an emotion. I used to think that love was a fairy tale.

Now that I know better, I understand that love is what you make it. You can choose to embody and experience it or you can elect to be void of it. The choice is yours. I choose daily to operate in love because it is a much more fulfilling experience than hate or anger. In choosing love, I also get to choose joy daily by operating in love. Love is patient so I am not easily angered. Love is kind so I can choose not to be rude or brash. (Just because I can doesn’t mean I also do. Just saying!) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Love does not keep record of wrongs so I am learning (present tense) to forgive and let go. I want love to be the one thing I feel and experience more than any other emotion.

I am grateful for love and learning the inner workings of it. I am grateful that I can teach my girls by showing them what love is and how to demonstrate love. I am even more grateful that I can show them what self love looks like so they understand that it is the foundation of love.

What are you grateful for today?



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