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Day 23 of Gratitude— My Siblings

It’s day 23 of my 30 days of gratitude challenge and today I am grateful for my siblings.

I am the youngest of 8. The real life baby of of the bunch. My mom gave birth to four (Maurice, Carlton, Karla, and me), adopted two (Jeanette and Janet), and was bonus mom to my sister and brother (Ari and Dwayne).

I am blessed to have learned a great deal from each of their trials and triumphs. I am grateful for them because they are me and I am them. The role that each of them have played in my life has help to shape me into the woman that I am.

What I love most about my siblings is who we have become in our adulthood. We are the aunties and uncles to each others offspring. We get to spoil and discipline each other’s babies. We get to take them to the fair, on Disney trips, and not worry about them because we know that our siblings will treat our babies as their own. The power in knowing that there is someone out there that loves you as close to unconditional as it gets is literally making me tear up writing this. I love my siblings! I am grateful for who they have been my whole life but even more for who they are now in my adulthood.

What are you grateful for today?



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