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Day 12 of Gratitude -- My Creativity

It's day 12 of my 30 day gratitude challenge and today I am grateful for my creativity! It is a gift that I have always had but didn't really foster until I got older and became an educator and a mom. I knew I could be creative but never really had the freedom to explore it in a variety of ways. Once I became more comfortable in my own being, I became more comfortable allowing my creativity to flow naturally without limitations.

I love that my creativity affords me the opportunity to ask "why not?" versus always accepting a "you can't!" There are so many things that we as adults could do if we approached life with the creativity of a toddler. We often kill our own dreams by placing limitations on our thinking. My good Sis Atoya Follins, often talks about purpose after 35 and the importance of knowing that you are just beginning your journey in life in a time period where many used to believe we were too old to be just starting! Listen Sis, that's a lie! We are not too old to dream big dreams and do big things!

The more I live the more I recognize that I have a lot of living to do. There is so much that we can accomplish and attain if we set our hearts and hopes on what many would believe to be the impossible. I know that nothing is impossible. We are the curators of our own fate through our choices and decisions. What you decide to do with yourself will be based on your own creativity. I encourage you to analyze your thinking and allow yourself some room to be free from restrictions. Think about some of the dreams and goals your 5 year old self had and start making them a reality. We are only as creative as we allow ourselves to be!

Creativity is the ultimate freedom for me! Whether I am painting, crafting, sewing, drawing, writing, singing, dancing, creating, baking, or designing, the freedom to be creativity is the greatest high. I love pushing limits and exploring possibilities. I love the freedom that my creativity affords me. I believe that everyone should take the time to foster their own creative spirit and see what great things you can unfold. I am beyond grateful for my creativity!

What are you grateful for today?



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