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'Changes' is a theme obviously

I missed yall. Like for real, it feels like forever ago since I wrote something. (Seriously I checked.)

But here we are talking about it on a Thursday again.

How you been? How ya mama nem doing? After a few weeks off, and few reads by some of my soul family, I'm feeling called out.

Can you feel it? That subtle nudge. The small voice tell you it's time to shift. That action is required. Yeah, me too. I also feel the fear. Does the caterpillar fear the cocoon though? He is literally dissolving into a puddle and being made anew. All we doing is not walking in a fog, lying about who we are. Easier said than done though, right? We've been moving through life this way for years, and now we gotta switch it up? Pretty much. Unless you want to go through the growing pains yet again. I know I don't.

Yeah, as you change and put up new boundaries, relationships will change as well. People will always come and go, and we have to let them. If we don't, not only do we hinder our growth, but also theirs. Of course, we get to spend time mourning who we thought we were, and that's ok. We now know things that we didn't before, so we have to move accordingly.

It's hard to switch things up to become more self-focused, especially with the amount of real estate "they" take up in our head. What will "they" think if I start to live my life differently? What will "they" say if I don't adhere to the rules society has placed on my gender or station in life? The thing is though, if we want the people in our lives to be fearless, we should lead by example. I can't tell my kids to dream big, but never show how I dare to dream big. The "theys" of the world are beginning to take up a little less space in my life lately.

Each published blog gets a bit more "free" LOL. But trusting that I know what's best for me keeps me going forward. Going inward to make sure my ego and humility are balanced is a daily thing. Words have power, and I want to make sure that each one I type comes from a space filled with love and the best intentions for all that come across them while not censoring myself.

So as we continue our voyage into spring, reflect on what you learned this winter, and what seeds need to be tended to.

It's time to grow!

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