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BuyBlack365: Meet Chelsey Brown-Stringer, South Florida Event Planner and Entrepreneur

So I am always encouraging people to nominate other Dope Black Women to be highlighted for the blog. This nomination was so timely and the interview was perfect. Chelsey Brown-Stringer is the CEO of Elite Event Services, The Bomb, and House of Empress. Chelsey is a native of Clewiston, Florida who came into her own in the midst of the pandemic.

This spirit filled woman is a whole vibe. She has approached the newness of being an entrepreneur with such grace and poise. Each brand holds significance to her and Chelsey credits life as the motivation for starting each! Elite Event Services is an event planning and coordinating entity, The Bomb is a Chocolate treat company, and House of Empress is a clothing and styling company. Each brand encompasses a mission within each entity. They all are designed to serve and motivates the community to venture out and seek opportunity.

Check out our interview to learn more about Chelsey and how her own experiences as a bride influenced her decision to create an event planning company.

The attention to detail and the overall beauty that is birthed as a part of the production from the Elite Event Services team is beyond words. Take a look below and see for yourself.

Contact Chelsey: and follow her on Facebook and Instagram or visit her website

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