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Author Spotlight: Meet Ashley Paul, Dope Black Wife, Mom, and Author

Ashley Paul, creator of Ask The Ashley LLC the brand was born and raised in Macon, GA. Ashley is a Wife, a Mom, a member of the most amazing sorority in the world, and most recently a published children's book Author with a focus on creating books that raise awareness. She looks for ways through stories to empower, inspire, and promote healing within the home.

Ashley has enjoyed writing off and on throughout life. However, it was until she began her professional career as a school counselor that she felt led to share her story, as well as, the stories of many students that she has encountered along the way.

Ask The Ashley LLC has a brand mission to empower, inspire, and promote healing. Her belief in uplifting and empowering our community, but knowing that it first starts with acknowledging past generation teachings and habits that need to be changed.

Ashley's new book "What They Don't See: A Little Girl's Moment of Honesty" is a beautiful depiction of the effects of constant domestic quarrelling through the eyes of a child. Transparent Moment: When my husband and I read this story we were shook. It brought so much into perspective about the way that we communicate with one another both in front of our children and with them. Ashley's book challenges parents to take a deeper look at the way we interact with one another and how it affects our children. Go purchase this book now here on Amazon or get an autographed copy from the author herself here.

Check out our interview and learn why Ashley followed her heart and made sure not to sleep on her gift!

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