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Welcome to the Teenage Years Zahra!

Y’all my big girl is officially a teenager! Somebody pray for me!

Oh my how I initially dreaded this day 🤦🏽‍♀️ The idea of my first baby...becoming a teenager really was taking me down through there. I had no idea the emotional roller coaster it would be. I mean she is my first everything.

Even though I had her at 24, I still felt so unprepared for motherhood. I wasn't in a position to take care of myself let alone another human being. But we made it and we did well with a whole lot of HELP!!!

I had to take a moment and step back to realize how our relationship has evolved and how much I love being her mother more and more each day. She has evolved into such a dynamic young lady. I’m not bragging but she really is a Dope Young Woman!

I have to be honest though. When I first got this kid...I had no idea what I was doing. Ohhh okay! That’s what we are doing here.

They let me take this little girl home with zero instructions and a good luck. Thank God for my Mom, her Doodeedoo Dawn, my sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, Line Sisters, neighbors. Y'all it literally took a village to raise this child! But by the grace of God I have managed to keep her here and safe (for the most part) for 13 years. God be the Glory!

Here we are 13 years later and she is a YouTuber, an entrepreneur, an awesome big sister, a truly phenomenal daughter, my personal hair and fashion stylist, my TikTok creator, and full time production assistant. I am confident in the relationship that we are building and it is my honor to be her mother!

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