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Welcome May...what are you on?

May is here and this is the month that we celebrate mothers, graduates, fallen veterans, and mental health/awareness!

For me it’s also my oldest daughter’s birthday month and usually a wrap up to what feels like an infinite school year. This is a milestone year she turns 13! 😩😩 Where did the time go?

My life since becoming a mother has been such an interesting journey. It’s amazing to see her growing and becoming! (That’s another post for another day!)

So what are you on this month? I try to maintain a focus on my mental health at all times, so for me that’s a given but I have been feeling burned out lately so I had to craft some simple self care tips to reset myself.

So here are a few self care tips for the month...

Take the time to take care of yourself and rejuvenate! You deserve it! Happy May my friends!



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