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Transformation Tuesday: Transforming the Mind

Transparency moment: I could remember many years ago when I would compare myself to others. What they had, their relationship or marriage, their family, even how physically fit or healthy they were. Just living a life of comparison...whew the pressure I put myself under to meet someone else’s expectations.

I can be honest and say that I am not exactly sure of the date or precisely how my mind transformed, but it definitely came about through intensive prayer, building an authentic relationship with the God I serve, therapy (yes actual therapy), protecting my mind space and my peace, and being intentional about true and honest self-discovery.

I had to ask myself “why am I so concerned with what others have or do anyway? Why did I set my bar of success based on their “perceived“ successes?“ Whyyyyy????

I figured that it had to do with not really knowing what I wanted and needed for myself. That’s why self-discovery and self work is so important. When you know who you are...who you really are able to express your likes and dislikes...your wants and needs.

When I tell you the level of freedom that came from truly learning myself and loving me fully and wholeheartedly...the amount of pressure that was released when I relinquished the idea that I had to meet someone else’s standards of time and success. I could shout right now at how amazing it feels to just live life and do set my own standard of success and chase my own dreams relentlessly. To be in the relationship I want and to have the family

I desire. Nothing about my life is perfect and yet everything is perfect for me and exactly

as I would want it to be. For this I am grateful!

Gone are the days of comparison. Gone are the days of worrying about what someone else has going on and gauging myself by their achievements. I focus on being present and engaged in what makes me happy and brings me joy. I set my standards and focus on the goals that I set for myself! I am my own goals!!

Do you find yourself comparing your life to others? Comparison is the thief of JOY! I encourage you to have an honest conversation with yourself. Determine your likes and dislikes, what defines success to you, and set your goals based on your findings. You may shock yourself when and discover that you’re exactly where you desire to be or you’re on track for the success that you desire. Do not let that spirit of comparison steal your joy.

Too often we miss out on celebrating our own successes because we are gauging our success by someone else’s measures. Aht Aht...don’t do that! Sis, you are more than enough and you are doing a phenomenal job of being you! Keep setting your goals and crushing them one by one! You’ve got this!



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