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Transformation Tuesday: How it started vs How it’s going!

Happy Tuesday Y’al! Let’s get right into this. A lot of times we see transformation Tuesday posts and we immediately see what has changed on the surface.

At first glance we will notice things like:

  • “Oh she’s slimming down!”

  • “Hmm, her hair grew!”

  • “Wow her skin is noticeably clearer.”

  • “She doesn’t wear much makeup anymore.”

Every single one of those things are accomplishments and should be noted. (Good job Michelle, I am so proud of the work you’re doing to create a healthier you!)

All of that is good but what about the transformations that you can’t see.
  • Things like...she’s finally becoming comfortable in her own skin.

  • Whew, she’s been really overcoming her anxiety and facing fears.

  • She’s been doing hard things and cultivating a space to show other women that they can too.

I think these transformations are way more important than the physical transformations we see. Honoring the space where we are growing mentally and spiritually is a big deal! So for real, Michelle I see you. Keep glowing and growing love! 😘😘

How are you growing? What do you need help with to become better going froward? How are you honoring the growth that you have experienced so far? Let’s grow together!

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