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Transformation begins in your mind…

This is a pic of my knee's why it matters to me. So to give a little background to the pic this year will make year three that I have been committed to my physical health and wellness. I started in February 2020 after falling in January 2020 and really taking some time to evaluate my situation. My knees were heavily damaged from being overweight and years of falling. I would later learn in 2021 that I suffer from vertigo and that my equilibrium is easily triggered when I'm feeling stressed, depressed, or anxious.

Lord that was becoming the norm of too many of my days...but we will unpack that at another time.

Y’all I got so sad last night as I got ready for bed and could barely move. I woke up yesterday at 4am and initially thought I’d hop on my bike and get a workout in before I hit the road to Mississippi to grab my girls. I knew it would be a turnaround trip so I opted to just get on the road instead. I made it to Mississippi by 10am and was back on the road to Georgia before 1. I was making great timing. Riding with kids you make a lot of unnecessary stops and at one point I even experienced an extremely sharp sciatic pain while driving but worked through it. I made it home at 8:45pm, walked in, and immediately said as soon as I put the girls’ stuff away I’m getting on the bike. I moved hurriedly so I could accomplish my goal clearly not considering that I'd been seated in a car driving for nearly 16 hours. As I walked out of their room and turned the corner my right gave out completely causing me to buckle. I wanted to cry partly because of how painful it was and still is, but moreso because I didn’t cease the opportunity to workout earlier and now I can’t because my knees are shot.

Then I had a revelation. Stick with me because the message here isn’t about procrastination. It’s about mindset. Three years ago at this time I couldn’t walk AT ALL. I had gotten up past 300lbs and was miserable. I was depressed and defeated. I couldn’t workout or ride a bike if I wanted to but honestly I didn’t even want to. Just a hot mess! For years, I’d let what I was going through mentally dictate how I cared for myself physically and truthfully I did that because I didn’t care for myself at all. In January 2020 I took a fall that would literally change my life and once I was able to move again I was determined to never be in that position again.

Fast forward to this moment…I no longer feel sorry for myself. I still battle with anxiety and depression but not like I did before. I’m genuinely sad that I will have to take a rest day or two to allow myself to heal and feel better but it's absolutely necessary. That’s a completely different feeling and perspective than 2020 Michelle!  In this season of greatness, rest looks like stretching, yoga, and meditation on days like this versus sadness, stress eating, and sulking like I used to.

Let me be clear, I did not do this alone!

Full transparency, my bestie and amazing wellness coach DeBlair Tate invited me to participate in her 8 Figured body program and it completely changed my life. My husband DeAlex committed to working out with me and preparing my meals. My accountability partners Tamara and Priscilla, and the entire 8 Figured body family thank cultivated a space that supports people shifting their mindsets and changing for the better at their own pace without being made to feel less than if their journey feels too hard some days. This group has become an essential part of my everyday life. I talk about my trap family like I’ve known them for my entire life because the love they show feels that way.

I did it, I'm doing it. No shade to anyone who has elected alternative ways to get the body they desire but this work has come with a lot of time, effort, and consistency. No surgery, no fad diet, no starving... just working and focusing on the goal every day. Hubby and I created a habit and hold one another accountable. We don't police each other but we genuinely focus on what is essential for growth and wellness.

I know this post is super long but if you’re still reading, I just wanted to say when you feel it and it becomes a mindset shift you’ll realize how much progress you’ve made for yourself. When you realize that then you’ll never let anyone or anything come between your health and wellness goals. It’s you vs you today and always!

Even though I knew I was doing too much when I committed to the turnaround trip I couldn't help it. My mind was set on the goal and when I set my mind to something I become hyper focused. I wanted to get my babies and come home and workout and clean and prepare projects. I heard the spirit this morning say “just slow down why such a hurried pace?” The truth is I don’t even know, but I’m glad I heard the voice and can take heed on the third day of the year rather than midway through. Shifting energy and focus will become my new superpower this year. But while I'm resting I am going to spend some time today thanking God for keeping me and for helping me become a new creature as it relates to me.

Love you all and Happy New Year! Who’s ready for the next challenge? 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ If you're ready to make a lifestyle change that will help you achieve your goals check out my bestie and wellness coach DeBlair at and get signed up for the next challenge. You are worth the investment!



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