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Starting my new year off basking in gratitude!

Friends and family thank you so much for all of the birthday love shown yesterday and the continuous love you show me on the regular. The posts, calls, texts, FaceTimes, and cashapps are all appreciated. I am so excited to enter this next chapter. 38 will be a great year filled with gratitude and peace!

Shoutout to my husbae DEALEX for letting me throw it in the bag all day yesterday while my babies cleaned the house as my gift. Both were unexpected because I only asked for a peaceful low key weekend. The Glittergang really showed out from cleaning up to giving me a full service pedicure with an amazing paint job. I am beyond grateful for all that God has blessed me with…and let me not forget to give full praise for the blessing of passing my FELE exam Friday!

Thank you friends and family for constantly pouring into me. I pray I am able to return to love in abundance! 😘😘😘



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