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Shaken to the Core

Have you ever had a moment where everything in your life felt like for the first time it was perfect.

Like all aspects...then boom you’re shaken to the core by something completely unexpected.

Well that was me today. From the time my feet hit the floor this morning it has felt like the enemy was set on stealing my joy. But I refuse to let up. I refuse to fold and give in. I know that when you begin to face raging storms that there must clearly be something great on the horizon. I am ready for the greatness that is going to come out of this. I will be relentless in my pursuit of what God has for me!

Note to self: Don’t get comfortable and don’t give up! Keep adjusting with the time and adapting to become even greater like Ron Isley. You don’t have to look like what you’ve been through. That isn’t really related but I needed a reason to use this pic. 🤣🤣

Anywho...y’all be great and by all means protect your peace and your energy!

XOXO, MichelleRena

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