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Self Care Sunday: Learning to Embrace the "NEW" Me!

Happy Super Bowl Self Care Sunday! It's the Super Bowl of Self Care Sundays for me because I have been doing a lot of self work over the past month. After being triggered and really needing to understand why, I took some time to really unpack who I am and why I respond to things in the way that I do. This was hard yet extremely fulfilling work. I am learning to embrace the unfamiliar and not treat it is a foreign even when I don't understand it.

My self-care focus is on the importance of self clarity. I needed to know who I am/was before understanding the way that my interactions help shape and imprint on me. I wondered why certain interactions would be so draining and why others would be so filling. I am learning that I have a powerful soul circle and that there is space for growth within that circle. I am learning how to love me authentically and organically and that there is always room for growth. I am learning to unlearn the restrictions that society has placed on living and loving yourself and learning to embrace the love that I am growing for myself!

If it sounds like work, trust me when I tell you it truly is! Self love is honestly the best love! Enjoy this vibe that helps me to sustain it all!

#SelfLoveISTheBestLove, #PurposeFilled, #LoveYouFirst, #LoveandLife, #RelationshipWithYourself, #SelfCare, #BlackGirlMagic

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