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Resurfacing After A Battle With Anxiety

People who don’t experience anxiety or who don’t have a loved one who deals with anxiety truly don’t understand the toll it takes on you. The last week or so has been such a struggle. I’ve managed to try and maintain but overall I’ve literally felt like I was under one of those presses that smashes old cars at the junkyard. The frustrating part is I have no idea how or why this is happening. I literally woke up one morning and felt a little overwhelmed. I shook it off and went about my day and the next day when I woke up it intensified. At this point, I’m becoming agitated. I just want to feel calm and at peace. Every day there has been a little more pressure and even less release.

Usually when I encounter moments like this I find my peace with my girls. Hanging with them. Loving on them and having them love on me. I know God gave them to me for so many beautiful reasons but this is one of the most profound for me. They help balance me. They are God’s tangible example of love for me. Even when I tell them no or don’t do something the way they want it done they still come back in full cuddle mode and seem to love me even harder. I am so grateful for that.

Sometimes I shy away from sharing how I really feel because I know many don’t understand it or can’t really relate to it. Then I had to remember...that’s why you started this blog and created this community. There ARE people who experience this and can relate. Sooooooo, I am back and moving at my own pace. Taking some of this self applied pressure off And reclaiming my mental space for healing.

Today, I am resurfacing and walking in my strength, healing, and inner peace. I am saying ”NO” as I see fit and not swaying. I am praying, meditating, drinking my water, and writing my vision. If I can pull myself out of this funk you can too. Let’s resurface together!

What is something that you do to give yourself a jumpstart when you are feeling down or overwhelmed? Answer the questions to get a feel of where you are on self care.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t require as much as you might think. Here’s a few tips and a Self Care Bingo that can help you jumpstart your routine.

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