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Perk Yourself Up!

Happy Tuesday Y’all! You ever need a little pick me up to get yourself together? I struggle some days with wanting to do anything more than get out of bed. I wake up early, workout, send the kids and hubby off to school and work, and then struggle my way to my own job after a battle with my bed. No matter how great I feel when I wake up and workout sometimes the thought of getting started with the work day dampens my mood.

Reality is that for most of us is if we don’t work, we don’t eat and our family won’t have their basic needs met and that simply can’t happen. So we have to shape up, pull it together, and press forward. That’s the sucky part about being an adult that no one told us. Or maybe our parents tried to and we just ignored them thinking they didn’t want us to have fun.

Adulting is hard! But we can do this...

  • open up the windows and let some fresh air in or

  • crack the blinds for some sunlight

  • say a few affirmations to get the day going

  • make a Dope Ass work day playlist to groove to

  • brew a strong cup of coffee or tea to sip on and

  • prepare something cool and enjoyable for lunch to make your midday amazing

  • take your breaks and your lunch time (gone are the days of working through lunch and giving extra time) and

  • most importantly schedule some self care day to help along the way.

Whatever you do to perk up, make sure it brings you peace. As someone who suffers from anxiety I know how daunting some of the “simplest” tasks can seem. It’s ok. You’ve got this! You literally can go and do anything that you set your mind to. Go and conquer the day!



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