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My Daily Bread is Prayer

I know I say it all the time, but Life really do be LIFE-ing but I am determined to continue to comandeer the life I desire for myself and my family. I speak alot about how anxiety and depression impact me, but today I wanted to shift the focus and highlight how daily prayer impacts me as well.

Being plugged into the source that provides me with comfort and a constant reminder of who I am has been the key. I am so grateful for the many members of my Tribe who have partnered with me in prayer both by request and by their own desire. I am focusing now on amping up my prayer life and modeling for my girls how to pray their way through this journey called life. I’m so grateful to have the solid relationship that I have with the God I serve. I am thankful for the path that has brought me and the relationships that have been birthed as a result of it. Whether we have met in person or have only had online interaction, I hope that you left me feeling loved and embraced for who you are because that is my personal goal…”to leave every one I encounter with a positive experience and to let my light so shine for the world to see!” Matthew 5:16 is my life verse for a reason.

I am determined to be the light no matter how dark some of the days may feel! I hope you can find the light to guide you through too! I may not post every prayer I write but it’s happening and life is still going on and I am committed to beginning my daily deposits again when they come to me naturally. I am not forcing anything in this season. Happy Sunday!

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Yes, let us keep on praying. The prayers of our mothers and their mothers have brought us through. We are living off of our ancestors' prayers. We must teach our children how to pray.

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