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Meet the Neo Hippie Chick Franchella "Frankie" Gordon

I am so excited to share the best kept secret on Facebook...Yoga in Bed with Neo Hippie Chick! Frankie Gordon is starting a small yoga revolution with her yoga in bed group. Each Wednesday morning at 8am EST Frankie provides a live Yoga session that can be completed on a yoga mat or in the comfort of your bed.

There is almost always a story behind the people that I interview and how we met at some point. This is no different. I met Frankie back in 1998 when I arrived to Callaway High School in Jackson, MS. We were in Honors English II together. She was smart and quirky, super friendly, and just an all around sweet girl. Who would've ever thought that we would go on to become line sisters and lifelong friends. Nevertheless, here we are well into our adulthood and doing things that we never imagined before. Meet Atlanta based Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor Frankie Gordon.

Frankie Gordon is the creator of Yoga in Bed with Neo Hippie Chick. This yoga experience is about rediscovering your body and mind all in the comfort of your bed (or mat). Enjoy 20 to 30 minute morning mediation and restorative yoga flows suitable of all levels and ages. A practice built of self-care and self-love...because you deserve it! With simple breakdowns of kinesiology during yoga, visualization techniques, and guided meditation learn how to connect it all together. Which results in faster recovery of chronic and acute muscular injuries, reduces tension and pain, increases flexibility, enhances body awareness, and diminishes stress and anxiety.

Frankie's mission with Yoga in Bed is to create a free community of best self healing technique to recover and maintain an optimum mind and body connection with daily muscle movement. The purpose is to reduce and repair acute and chronic tension caused by repetitive poor muscle movement on incorrect that anyone can benefit from reducing pain and gaining muscular strength, flexibility, and mind/body connection.

Frankie notes that Yoga is a growing "trend" in the black community. A lot is still unknown to us in common practice. To open and familiarize a facet of whole bodily healing through positive/positive self care and self love. There does not always have to be a love/hate relationship with wellness, health, and fitness.

This is a free movement that any and everyone can participate in! Just join the Yoga in Bed with Neo Hippie Chick Facebook Group and get started. I live for Wednesday mornings and being able to stretch and recover from the hard strength and conditioning days! Yoga in bed is everything!

Check out my interview with Frankie to learn more about why she started this journey and how it has change the way she looks at health and fitness!

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