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Meet Stacy Bowers, Dope Girl Boss

Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to encounter some truly amazing women. I met Stacy Bowers while in college at Mississippi State University. She is not only my friend but she is also my sister. I affectionately call her my big sis and to this very day I look up to her as a woman. Stacy who is a proud Mississippi girl hailing from Pass Christian is a mom of three and the true definition of a BOSS. She took her talents to Houston, TX and has shown the Lone Star State how much power can be packed into such a petite package. Stacy is one a few Black women who own their own insurance firm and is working hard to ensure that equity and representation thrive in the field.

It is ok for us as women to recognize our dreams regardless of the other things that we have going on! ~Stacy

I had the pleasure of chatting with Stacy recently. She covered everything from the power of addressing who you are so you can grow, learning how to balance life as a mom, and most importantly how to just enjoy being your own person. As a mom of a 20, 13, and an 8 year old, she talks about the power of honoring each of her children for who they are and embracing the power that each individual relationship brings. She even shared her current adventure of being reintroduced back to the dating scene after a divorce through OWN's Ready to Love Season 4 platform. I absolutely love the power house of a woman that Stacy is. She lives by the motto: Proclaim it, Claim it, and Reclaim it!

Whatever you want in life...Proclaim it! Claim it! Reclaim it! ~Stacy

Check out our time together and catch all of this Black Girl Magic and we learn that we have to stop talking ourselves out of our blessings!

Follow Stacy on all social platforms Instagram:

Twitter: @stacy_beee

Don't forget to tune in to Ready To Love: Season 4 Fridays at 9/8pm central on OWN!

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